Arthur Cohen Insurance, LLC

We provide strategic and innovative life insurance planning for businesses and families, both domestic and international. This includes the new indexed universal life, hybrid life/long term care plans, traditional term, guaranteed UL, life settlements, structured settlements, estate planning and creative business strategies.

We also use fixed annuities, income annuities and long term care insurance, not only as an asset preservation tool, but to help families plan against the very real possibility of out living their money.

"We help protect you against dying too soon, and the real possibility of living too long."

In addition, we provide income protection (disability insurance) on an individual or employee benefit basis, and group health insurance. Also, there's a very real need for kidnap and ransom insurance in this day and age. We offer that as well.


Our Approach Is Different

Because of our vast experience, we know that it's important to take the necessary time to evaluate a client's entire situation holistically, from business goals to family responsibilities, in order to get the complete picture before making recommendations.

It is said that over 80% of people don't even know what's in their insurance portfolio. We decipher existing coverage and make sure that the portfolio is appropriate for the client's current stage in life. Many times this consists of repositioning or leveraging some existing policies to multiply coverage at no cost to the client.

Experience You Can Trust

We have helped the business community, families and charitable organizations, both domestically and internationally, identify and address their insurance needs for over 40 years.


Areas of Expertise

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Disability Insurance

Your most valuable asset is your ability to earn a living. These income replacement policies have lots of "moving parts" which may or may not be suitable for you. A plan can be created that addresses your unique needs.

Long Term Care Insurance

The LTCI industry has recently undergone drastic changes due to the incredibly high amount of claims. That's because there's a 70% likelihood that we will need care. Care is very expensive. There are now quite a few ways to accomplish this important protection, and we're on the cutting edge to help customize a plan that works for you.
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Family Business

It's important to plan for an equitable distribution of a business upon death of the owner. Oftentimes there are children who are active in the business while others are not, yet they all believe that they're entitled to their "fair share". The easiest way to remedy this stressful family problem is by securing adequate life insurance.
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Structured Settlements

This is a new strategy that can be used for divorces. The alimony recipient never has to worry about getting their monthly check, and the payor gets a huge discount by paying a lump sum up front.
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Fixed Annuities

How would you like to participate in the gains of the stock market without participating in the losses? That sounds too good to be true. It's called a fixed index annuity. There's another, more common kind of fixed annuity that has a guaranteed return. Both accumulate tax deferred, always substantially more than banks have to offer. For Florida residents, fixed annuities are judgement proof and creditor proof, much like your homestead. It's the only state where that's true.
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Index Universal Life

IULs are a great way of accumulating money for your future, not only tax deferred, but with tax free distributions on the other end. Great for people in their earning years. The beauty of saving this way is the flexibility of contributions coupled with the death protection. We call it a "Roth IRA on steroids." Usually a much better alternative to traditional whole life insurance.
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Life Settlements

Some people find that they no longer have a need for their life insurance, especially with the advent of the new estate tax laws. There are groups of investors that will buy your policy from you, based upon your personal life expectancy. That's a much better alternative to cash surrendering or cancelling a policy.
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Premium Finance Life Insurance

High net worth individuals can get large face amounts of life insurance at a small fraction of the cost. This is done by using specialty banks, who finance the premium and get paid back upon the death of the insured. Typically, only interest is paid on the loan by the policy owner as years go by. The end result is the same in that the beneficiaries still enjoy the death benefit, but the cost is minimal.



What Our Clients Say

  • Old school one-on-one client service that is hard to come by these days. Makes the insurance purchasing process almost automatic and painless...a customer for life (the entire term).
    -AJ Mueller
  • I have found Arthur Cohen to be an honest, understanding insurance professional. He listens to you and comes back with solid, economical recommendations that fulfill your needs. A fine person who has become my trusted insurance man.
    -George Wilson
  • Arthur Cohen is one of the most intelligent professionals I know in SFL for life insurance, long term care insurance, health insurance and annuities. He is an expert on international life insurance as well. Arthur brings knowledge and add value to all of his clients. I highly recommend Art Cohen for all personal planning needs to secure your family and bring you peace of mind, as life happens.
    -Bart Chepenik